Caravan TV satellite systems

The Satking Fold Up Triangular

• Complete suitcase system including 39 cm dish and receiver - all in one portable compact case• Receive up to 250 channels• Includes low noise LNB, satellite cable and SCART cable • 10 m cable with connectors and various mounts• 12/230 V satellite receiver • Full fitting and installation instructions• DiSEqC 1.0, 1.2, USALS• 4:3 standard screen or 16:9 widescreen• 8 programmable favourite lists• EPG (Electronic Programme Guide)• Base equipped with suction mounts for mounting on a smooth surface• Steel bracket for vertical mounting support• Dimensions: 150 x 405 x 500 mm• Weight (boxed): 6.1 kgYou can't rely on the British weather! Receive digital satellite programmes without depending on a fixed mounted satellite aerial. The mobile aerial allows you to receive signals at different places such as on a camping site. You can also connect the receiver to a fixed installed satellite aerial. The most common broadcasting stations are pre-programmed to the ASTRA, Hotbird, Sirius, Hispasat and Hellasat satellites.

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Shanhai Shanhai® Car Antenna Dodge Navigation Antenna Gps Ant Charger Caravan Dakota GPS Antenna 1575.42mhz Gps Antenna
GPS or Navigation System (Shanhai)
  • Amplified (active) GPS antenna to enhance and improve GPS signal reception.
  • Built-in magnets for mounting on car rooftops or other metallic surfaces.
  • Threaded holes for mounting on aircraft fuselage, boat surfaces or car/RV/SUV vehicle surfaces.
  • Connector Style=fakra Connector color=Blue, Type=C
  • Gain=28dB,RHCP,Z=50R, Center Frequency 1575.42MHz±3MHz
iMeshbean® Truck Rear View Wireless IR Night Vision Backup Camera Kit + 7" 7 Inch TFT LCD Rear view Monitor Waterproof For Truck / Van / Caravan / Trailers / Campers PAL&NTSC High Solution 420 TVL
Car Audio or Theater (NEWGATE)
  • 7 Color TFT LCD Mirror Monitor, Easy to install, Screen rotatable,Full color TFT LCD display, Low power consumption, Special design sport watch as the gift
  • With 2 road video input port, white video cable connects to car rearview camera, the yellow one connects to DVD or VCD, White video cable is priority signal input...
  • Parking rearview priority, The monitor will start up automatically, and synchronously display the video from rearview camera when you re backing your car
  • the monitor will close itself after backing. Scenes will cut to rearview camera automatically while you re backing the car and change back to the original scenes...
  • Supports Car Camera, DVD, VCD, STB, Satellite receiver, and other video equipments,Designed menu buttons, the brightness/contrast/hue/language is adjustable, No...