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Better Technology - Better Reception

Unique Wide Range Search (WRS) technology means Raymarine's antennas can identify and acquire satellite signals as quickly as possible. When you've got a fix on the satellite signal you want, the tracking algorithms will help ensure you keep it. They're built to cope with tough conditions too.

Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) continuously measures, and compensates for your vessel's heading, pitch and roll - keeping your antenna locked on a satellite for a clear picture, whatever the weather or waves are doing.

Choosing your STV Model

Raymarine 33STV: Ultra Compact for Smaller Vessels

The perfect choice for small power and sailboat owners from 20-25ft (6-7.6m) looking to experience the best in on-board entertainment.

Raymarine 37STV: Compact and light-weight

The space saving Raymarine 37 STV system is designed for vessels between 25-35ft (7.6-10.7m). At just 14.5in (37cm) diameter, this antenna is perfect for tight locations.

Raymarine 45STV: Multiple satellite receiver capabilities

A great blend of size and performance, the Raymarine STV45 makes satellite television at sea a reality for owners of 35-50ft (10.7-15m) vessels.

Raymarine 60STV: The high performance choice

The Raymarine 60STV extends satellite coverage with enhanced satellite tracking in regions prone to weaker satellite signals. The Raymarine 60STV offers all the advantages of the Raymarine 45STV, plus a few more. Automated Skew Control ensures maximum signal strength while under way by optimising the LNB skew position.

Extra Features in the Raymarine 60STV model

  • Enhanced signal reception and improved antenna gain for better performance.
  • Wide elevation angles to maintain satellite fix.
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KVH INDUSTRIES KVH 01-0367-07 TracVision RV1 Satellite TV Antenna for the Road Consumer electronics
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1byone 70 Miles Omni-directional Amplified Outdoor HDTV antenna Marine Antenna with Stainless Steel Base, Suitable for Both Outdoors and Marines High Performance
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KVH TracVision TV3, MFG# -01-0368-07. Satellite TV system for use with N. American systems. 14.5" dish for coastal cruising up to 100 mi. offshore. Includes TV-Hub WiFi Interface. 12/24VDC, single cable installation. Receiver/subscription required. / KVH-01-0368-07 /
  • MPN: KVH-01-0368-07
Seawide Marine Distribution, Inc. KVH Industries 01-0366-07 TracVision TV1 Satellite TV System
Speakers (Seawide Marine Distribution, Inc.)
  • Ring Fire technology for stronger signals, wider geographic coverage, and better reception
  • Supports DIRECTV, DISH Network, Bell TV, and select linear Ku-band regional services worldwide
  • HDTV compatible (Ku-band services only)
  • Integrated Single Wire Multi switch (SWM-8) built into below decks TV-Hub supports up to 8 DIRECTV receivers
  • Single coaxial cable for power, data, and video enables easy installations and retrofits
Winegard Company Winegard DS-2000 Universal 22-inch Tower Mount for Off-Air TV Antennas (1.5in Diameter Mount Pipe) - Includes 2 U-Bolts, Fit 1in to 2in Pipe/Towers
Speakers (Winegard Company)
  • Quick & Economical Mount For Adding Compact Off-air Antennas To Satellite System
  • 22in Pipe E-coated For Maximum Weather Protection
  • Includes Two 2in U-bolts Adaptable To Different Pole Installations
  • Use Without U-bolts For Attic Installations
  • 1.5in Diameter
  • Made in USA