DirecTV TV satellite parts

DirecTV 18 Dish

Thank you for choosing DIRECTV! This Equipment Lease Agreement (ELA) has important terms and conditions regarding your lease of equipment from DIRECTV. By “Equipment, ” we mean the DIRECTV® Receiver(s), Genie® Mini(s), access card(s) and/or remote control(s) (not the dish and/or cabling).

You received the DIRECTV Customer Agreement with your DIRECTV Order Confirmation. The Customer Agreement, together with this ELA, comprise the terms of your service agreement with DIRECTV. You accept this ELA by doing any of the following: (i) providing your written or electronic signature or acknowledgement; (ii) activating service; (iii) paying for service; or (iv) using the service after making a change or addition that would require another ELA.

You understand and agree that you did not buy the Equipment, do not own the Equipment, and must use and return the Equipment as explained in your service agreement with DIRECTV. You have no right to sell, give away, transfer, pledge, mortgage, alter or tamper with the Equipment.

Part One of this agreement only applies to new customers or to our existing customers who decide to (i) upgrade or add an additional DIRECTV Receiver(s) or Genie Mini(s) to their account; or (ii) who have completed their original programming term and swap like for like receiver(s)/Genie Mini(s)(e.g., standard definition for standard definition, HD for HD) at no cost. If you received this agreement in connection with replacing like for like receiver(s)/Genie Mini(s) because of a defect, you are still bound by the Programming Agreement and Early Cancellation Fee provisions of your original Equipment Lease Agreement as well as Part Two below, which applies to all customers. PART ONE:

PROGRAMMING AGREEMENT COMMITMENT. Do I have a programming commitment? To keep costs down for you, we provide dishes and standard installation at reduced or no cost. In exchange, we ask that you remain a customer for either 12 or 24 months. Specifically, you agree that, within 30 days of getting DIRECTV Equipment (either provided to you or installed professionally), you will activate your receiver(s)/Genie Mini(s) and subscribe to a base level of programming, valued at $29.99/mo. or above, which may consist of a DIRECTV base programming package (English or Spanish language); OR a qualifying international language a la carte service bundled with either BASIC CHOICE™ or PREFERRED CHOICE.™ At the end of your service commitment, your service will continue on a month-to-month basis.

TERM COMMITMENT. Do I have a term commitment? Yes, you agree to continuously maintain the minimum level of programming with us as follows: 12 Months: Existing customers who elect to have their Equipment shipped; 24 Months: All other customers.


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DIRECTV DirecTV SWM8 Multiswitch
  • DirecTV SWM Multiswitch
  • Does not include required power inserter (available separately)