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TV&Satellite Week is a weekly television magazine, perfect for viewers looking to get the most out of their Sky or Virgin subscription. It includes previews of the week’s best new programmes, together comprehensive film and sport guides and clear, easy-to-navigate listings for more channels than any other TV magazine. Please note this is the England and Wales edition.

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Sobetter 4 Port Distribution HDTV Antenna Splitter Amplifier Signal Booster 7dB Gain Cable Satellite TV Splitter for Outdoor/Indoor TV Antenna - Black Splitter 1 to 4
Speakers (Sobetter INC.)
  • 4 ports with +7db per output, connect one HDTV antenna to 4 TV in each location for reliable reception.
  • This improves cable modem performance in much cases, compatible with all cable TV systems.
  • But the reception of tv antennas and length of coaxial cables might reduce your pixelation and graininess.
  • Connect the cable to input the signals and output to the TV/converter box with extremely low-noise (ELN) circuitry.
  • 1-year warranty when purchased from Sobetter inc. Distributor. Warranty not valid when purchased through other outlets.