Descrambling satellite TV

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Video Scrambling and Descrambling for Satellite & Cable TV provides the "how and why" of encoding and decoding video signals. Most of the currently used methods are discussed, with the necessary technical background. Since digital scrambling methods will undoubtedly supplant analog methods, information on analog/digital conversion, phase-locked loops, digital techniques, and IC data sheets are included.

In this new edition the authors incorporate the many developments in this field since 1986. They elaborate the basic information on scrambling given in the first edition, and discuss current scrambling systems such as Tri-mode, SSAVI, and Videocipher II. Looking back at the "gloom and doom" predictions made in the 80s, they discuss which have proven correct, which have yet to be realized, and which have been wrong. Their discussion of basic circuitry now includes some new IC devices, and the section on political, legal and consumer aspects of scrambling has been completely updated. New digitization techniques and construction data, decoder circuitry, audio scrambling techniques, manufacturers' data sheets, US Patents, and current developments such as digital audio are also covered in this updated version.