Ethiopian satellite TV ESAT

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The management of the Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio (ESAT) said the regime in Ethiopia has jammed one of its two satellites, Eutelsat E8WB @ 8West starting the morning of Saturday December 19, 2015. The Management said there have been interruptions in some areas while there is a complete cut off in others.

This latest move by the regime came at a time when ESAT has been widely covering the growing protest against the tyrannical regime in Ethiopia. Ethiopians rely on ESAT for news and information about their country. The regime, known for muzzling press freedom and one of the top jailers of journalists in the world, is spending millions of dollars on jamming equipment to deny people access to information.

The management said in contravention to international laws, the regime in Ethiopia has used foreign experts and high end technology to jam and cut off one of ESAT’s satellites. The transmission of content from other television stations was also affected in the processes, the management said. It said discussions were underway with the satellite company to fix the issue while a technical team is working on adding a third satellite to better serve its ever growing audience. The management also asked its viewers for their patience while it is fixing the issue.

The management however said ESAT’s transmission via its second satellite, Eutelsat 70B @7.5 East, is still continuing unaffected.

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