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Its satellite service

AT&T Unlimited Plan: Select locations. Eligibility: Must remain active & in good standing on residential DIRECTV or U-verse television svc (TV) & AT&T Unlimited Plan. Puerto Rico customers must agree to sharing of acct info btwn DIRECTV & AT&T. Customers must meet all eligibility reqmts w/in 60 days of wireless activation. Lost Eligibility: You are removed automatically from unlimited plan & moved to another plan if do not meet all eligibility reqmts. Existing AT&T postpaid customers who have not added any new devices to the unlimited plan are moved to their old plan, if avail. Customers who cannot be moved back are moved to plan w/ 10GB of shareable data & overage charge of $15/GB. Once moved, you can move to any currently avail. plan at any time. Data Restrictions: After 22GB of data usage on a line in a bill cycle, for the rest of the cycle AT&T may slow data speeds on that line during periods of network congestion. Tethering & Mobile Hotspot use prohibited. Limits: Select wireless devices only (sold separately). 10 per plan. Purch. & line limits based on credit apply. Discounts: May not be elig. for all discounts, offers, & credits. See for plan details.

Gen. Wireless SVC: Svcs are not for resale. Credit approval, activ./upgrade fee (up to $45) & deposit per line may apply. Fees & other monthly charges apply. Pricing, promotions, & terms subject to change & may be modified or terminated at any time without notice. Coverage & svc not avail. everywhere. You get an off-net (roaming) usage allowance for each svc. If you exceed the allowance, your svc(s) may be restricted or terminated. Other restr’s apply & may result in svc termination.

Gen. TV SVC: DIRECTV & U-verse avail. separately. Term agmt, add’l fees & restr’s apply. Directv: Visit or call 1-800-DIRECTV for details. DIRECTV Everywhere: Functionality, programming & channels vary by device, location & pkg. Streaming limited to 5 shows on 5 devices at once. Subj. to change at any time. See for compatible devices & details. U-verse: Geo. & svc. restr’s apply. Visit to check svc availability.

40ft QUAD SHIELD SOLID COPPER 3GHZ RG-6 Coaxial Cable 75 Ohm (DIRECTV Satellite TV or Broadband Internet) ANTI CORROSION BRASS CONNECTOR RG6 Fittings Assembled in USA by PHAT SATELLITE INTL
  • SOLID COPPER Quad Shield 3Ghz 75 Ohm Coax Cable for (CATV, Satellite TV, & Broadband/High Speed Internet) swept tested 5MHz-3GHz
  • Cable Construction: 18AWG PURE COPPER, QUAD SHIELD- Jacket: UV Resistant PVC - Braids: 34 Awg Aluminum Alloy (60% & 40%) Coverage - Foil Shields: Aluminum (100%...
  • Connectors: O-ring WEATHER SEALED, constructed with all BRASS compression connectors (PCT TRS-6LMG)
  • Assembled in the USA by professionals at PHAT SATELLITE INTL 8 facilities across the USA
Direct TV Direct TV Access Card (no receiver) Sold As A Souvenir Only
CE (Direct TV)
  • Direct TV Access Card
  • Sold as a souvenir
  • No returns - sold as-is
  • No warranty implied or expressed