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Powerhouse speakers in a small package! Posted by: discokachina from: Fort Lauderdale on I have been looking for some small unobtrusive satellite speakers to be my front highs for quite some time. Finally I found great sounding speakers in a good looking small footprint package that timbre match with my existing speakers costing many times over the M1s. I was totally astounded at how superb these little babies sounded when I replaced the much larger more expensive speakers I had been listening to. They really do mesh well with my Platinum 200s and add so much to the front sound stage that if I did not have in-ceiling back surrounds I would be replacing them as well with the M1s. You really cannot go wrong with this fabulous powerhouse of a speaker whether for your front mains or surrounds. These speakers sound better than speakers costing many times over what these are on sale for!!! Don't hesitate if you are looking for a great speaker in a small form factor that sound like a floor standing speaker at a very reasonable price point!!!

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Good Compact Speakers for Mid-Fi Home Theater Posted by: MikeZ from: on I have these in the same room as a pair of floor standing reference speakers that I use for listening to music - these little B&W's obviously don't hold a candle to the big floor standing speakers. That said, I use them only for home theater and they're actually pretty good for TV and movies. I don't think that they're great for music. If you have the room, I'd recommend opting for floor standing speakers of similar quality. If you're cramped for space because you bought those reference floor standing speakers that your wife hates and/or have a wife that didn't want you to buy anymore electronic gadgets, these may be the speakers you need (so that she doesn't divorce you).

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Great surround sound speakers Posted by: Whip1 from: Baton Rouge, LA on I replaced Bose cube speakers with these speakers and they sound great!

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Very Good Posted by: Truth from: on These speakers are very, very good for their small size. I auditioned these today through a moderately powered Marantz integrated amplifier. Very clear highs and midrange. Just listened to music through them alone and not with a center channel or subwoofer. I listened to some Def Techs and also two bookshelf size Martin Logans. I definitely prefer the sound of these to the either of those two. I do not like a lot of bass. I prefer clarity and sound stage or spaciousness to loud or booming sound and these do quite well for me. The Martin Logans did not sound as clear or warm as these and they were 3x to 6x the size of these speakers. This is just my personal opinion and my own listening preference. If you like loud music or a lot of bass or if you want to use them in a surround sound setup, then you will need the subwoofer.

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B&W M1 Speakers Posted by: certifier49 from: on I purchased a pair of Bowers & Wilkins M-1 Speakers to be used as rear speakers with my home entertainment system that includes a pair of Bowers & Wilkins CM 9 front Speakers a Bowers & Wilkins CM Centre S2 Center-Channel Speaker and the Bowers & Wilkins ASW10 CMS2 10” 500W Active Subwoofer that is all powered by a Pioneer SC-95 Elite Receiver and the sound that Bowers & Wilkins and Pioneer Elite equipment produces is worth the investment. You cannot go wrong dealing with the Magnolia department at Best Buy and the staff at the store on Colorado Blvd. in Denver CO. is outstanding. Surround Me! Posted by: redLectroid from: Bloomingdale, IL on I bought 4 of these as my surrounds for my 7.1 setup. I went to Best Buy many times to audition surround speakers. I was originally looking at the B&W 686B's to do the job but they weren't a good wall or ceiling mounting option because of their size, but sounded great. I then listened to some Def Tech ProMonitor 800's but they didn't sound as warm as the 686B's. After a couple of weeks I saw the M1's on display and gave them a listen. They sounded superb and evenly balanced. They could even handle a high volume and still sound great. They come with a wall mount as well as a stand so I was sold. The wall mount feature was important to me so I will elaborate. The mounts took a little fidgeting to get them to fit right, but by the third one I had it down. When they are completed, they look clean and neat. I did not run the wires through my walls. I have the wire going down the wall but it still looks nice because the wires attach inside of the mount instead of the speaker. The speakers can also be angled as much as you need them to be. You can even refit the mount on the back of the speaker to turn the speaker horizontally. These are fine surrounds. They deliver great sound in a small package without that "boxey" sound.

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Great speakers, need subwoofer Posted by: brandon01 from: Rochester, NY on I bought these as speakers for my desktop computer. I currently have them mounted on the wall (the swivel mount that it comes with is convenient, and allows for quite a variety of setup options). I tried using these without a subwoofer for a while, but in my opinion they will not deliver the bass you'll need (even for me just listening to some music at my desk). I would highly recommend buying a subwoofer to compliment these, but at least you can buy these separate and decide for yourself if you want to add on a sub later. For reference, I ended up buying the SVS SB-1000 subwoofer which seems to compliment the speakers nicely.
Audiovox - Sirius SiriusXM NGHA1 Antenna Mount for Your Home
Car Audio or Theater (Audiovox - Sirius)
  • Home antenna with hinged base and approximately 20-feet of cable to place and aim for best signal reception.
  • Compatible with all satellite radios and docks that work on the Sirius and XM networks with push on style, single input antenna connectors.
  • Includes NGHA1 Indoor/Outdoor Home Antenna and Installation Guide
  • Small making easily concealed
  • Replacement home antenna for SiriusXM, XM and Sirius Radios and Home Docks
HDTV Antenna, 1byone Super Thin Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna - 25 Miles Range with 10ft High Performance Coax Cable, Extremely Soft Design and Lightweight
Speakers (1BYOS)
  • Free for Life - Never pay hugely expensive cable or satellite fees again! The 1byone HDTV Antenna can pull in all of your local news, sitcom, kids and sports programs...
  • Longer Cable, Easier Setup - Our included 10-foot coaxial cable makes it easy for you to place the antenna in the area with the best reception in your house, and...
  • Full HD - 25-mile range allows access to far away broadcast towers, delivering full 1080p HD to any digital-ready TV.
  • Easy Operation - Fast and easy setup in 3 steps - Unwrap, Plug in, and Scan channels.
  • Buyer Guarantee - We stand behind our products 100% with a 12-month warranty. Please note that over-the-air reception is dependent upon environmental factors and...