Bell satellite TV Channel Listings

Some channels may not be visible if you have selected a different Favourites list than the one named All Chan (All channels).

To display all the channels, press the GUIDE button repeatedly on your Bell Satellite TV remote control until appears on the TV screen.

All Chan

If the channel still does not appear (or appears in red) and you’re absolutely sure that you have a subscription to the channel, try the following to refresh your receiver’s channel listing.

  1. Reset your receiver:
    Push and hold the POWER button on the front panel for five seconds. When TV service returns, try tuning in to the channel again.
  2. Synchronize your programming:
    If the channel fails to return after resetting your receiver, you can synchronize your programming online. Log in using your MyBell username and password and follow the directions.

Not sure if you’re subscribed to this channel?
Follow these instructions to review all of the channels you are currently subscribed to or use our online tool to easily find all of your favourite channels.

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