Bell satellite TV Installation

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What is Bell Install?

Bell Install is a hassle-free way to ensure your Bell Satellite TV service is installed and operating correctly. A Bell Satellite TV technician will come to your home and take care of everything, at your convenience.

With Bell Install you get convenient appointment times - including evenings and weekends - 24/7 technical assistance and a 90-day warranty. Depending on your requirements, installation may take between 2 to 3.5 hours.

To order Bell Satellite TV and set up your Bell Install appointment
call 1 866 353-9153.

Available to residential customers where technology permits. Bell Install is included with your new subscription to Bell Satellite TV. Subject to change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offer. Taxes extra. Other conditions apply, including minimum system requirements.

What the Bell Satellite TV technician will do

What the Bell Satellite TV technician will do

During your installation appointment the Bell technician will do the following:

  1. Install your dish, cabling (up to 150 feet of RG-6 cable)1 and satellite system.
  2. Ground your system.
  3. Activate and hook up your Bell Satellite TV receiver to both your TV and home theatre.2
  4. Optimize your receiver settings for sharper picture quality.
  5. Program your universal remote and show you how to use it.

1 If your home is pre-wired with RG-6 cables in good condition, the technician will use these wires.
2 Customer must provide cables.

Included in basic installation

Basic installation includes professional satellite installation and the connection and activation of up to three receivers. Installation of a multi-satellite dish upgrade is performed at no charge.2

Note: Charges may apply for installation of additional receivers not included in the offer and for additional services/equipment not included with basic installation. For more information, see the complete installation outline.

2 Installation-related charges will be reimbursed on your Bell Satellite TV account statement. *You must be a customer for a minimum of 30 days to qualify for this offer.

Not included in basic installation

  • Additional connections from a single tuner receiver to other TVs.
  • Fishing wires through walls.
  • Specialized, non-basic dish installations (e.g., pole mounts, multi-storey installations, buried cable, removal of signal obstructions, etc.).

Other factors to consider before installation

Other factors to consider before installation

  • The dish will require south-east exposure in western Canada and south-west exposure in eastern Canada, with a clear line-of-sight (no trees, buildings, etc., blocking the dish).
  • The account holder must be on-site for the duration of the installation. If you can't be home at that time, please ensure a representative, 18-years of age or older, will be on-site to authorize the installation and sign the agreement on your behalf.
  • Technicians are not authorized or equipped to enter customer's attic for cable routing.
  • Dish mount location may be regulated by local by-laws.
  • Access to a telephone outlet is recommended.
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