American satellite TV

Sky Sport secures new five-year NFL rights deal from 2015

The new deal will allow Sky Sports subscribers to watch more than 100 live matches a season.

The last addition of Sunday night matches to Sky Sports portfolio means there will be no regular live free-to-air coverage in the UK this season (except three International Series games at Wembley and Super Bowl).

Sunday late night matches were for many years a part of terrestrial television portfolios in UK. NFL fans with Sky Sport subscription can watch more American football than ever before across TV, online and mobile with at least five matche a week.

Sunday Night Football is America’s most watched programme and NFL' flexible scheduling ensures that a key match-up is fixtured. As well a the live games, Sky Sport will offer full coverage and analysis through online and social media including all the news, previews and game reports. Video content will be available every day during the season on Sky Sports platforms.

BBC covers Wembley matches and Super Bowl free-to-air

The NFL have agreed a two-year rights deal with the BBC to cover free-to-air coverage of all three International Series games at Wembley and the 50. world-famous event, Super Bowl. The deal alo includes a weekly highlights on BBC Two from November until the February.

The first and second NFL Wembley clashes between New York Jets and Miami Dolphins on October 4. and The Jackonville Jaguars against Buffalo Bills on October 25. will be broadcasted live on BBC Two. Last match, a week later, will be broadcated live on BBC Red Button and BBC Sport website.

Super Bowl 50, which takes place in San Francisco on February 7. will be live on BBC TV, Radio, and Online.

BBC Two and BBC Red Button are both available as FTA (free-to-air) channel via Astra 28.2°E satellite position.

American Football (NFL) FTA on satellite TV outside UK?

Prosieben Maxx and Sat.1 will cover 50 American football (NFL) matches live on satellite TV, online and on mobile devices. Both German Broadcasters are available as a FTA channels via Astra 19.2°E satellite position and are great Sky Sport alternative for satellite TV users in UK.

Prosieben Maxx will cover two Sunday matches together with a live stream broadcaster Playoff matches will be shared between Prosieben Maxx and Sat 1.

Connecting sports and TV in the best possible way

Photo1: "NFL" by Parker Anderson under (CC BY-ND 2.0) Flickr

Photo2: "DSCF0282" by John Seb Barber under (CC BY 2.0) Flickr

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Innovative Americans 56" to 85" TV Mount with Cable DVR Satellite Box Indoor Outdoor TV Wall Mount Kit VESA 200 x 200mm to 600 x 800mm, Tilt, For DVR Cable Box or CPU measuring up to 25" x 18" x 3.25"
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