Satellite TV installation training

Multi tv installation training

Those interested in satellite installation can find relevant courses and training at several colleges and technical schools. Some courses are part of academic programs leading to certificates or associate degrees; others may be offered on their own as career education courses, some of which may lead to industry-endorsed certifications. Here are some of the core concepts you'll encounter when studying satellite installation:

  • Principles of electronics
  • National Electrical Code standards
  • Home technology installation
  • Video systems
  • Working with wireless networks
  • Satellite technology

Basic Electronic Wiring Components Course

Students get introduced to basic electronic theories, parts and techniques. Topics include direct and alternating currents, series and parallel circuitry, switches, fuses, power supplies, testing devices and wiring. The course also covers the guidelines of the National Electrical Code in preparation for satellite installation training.

Electronics Technician Service Procedures Course

This course prepares students to perform general service procedures on electronic equipment commonly used in communication and information technology fields. It focuses on various types of equipment included in satellite, video and projection systems. Students receive instruction in installation, maintenance, testing, troubleshooting and repair techniques.

Home Technology Equipment Course

Students learn installation and troubleshooting procedures for home technology equipment. Some programs address multiple home technology elements, such as satellite systems, security surveillance and computer networks. Instruction often focuses on the integration of these systems through the television, which is usually the video output component of such systems.

Wireless Communications Course

This course demonstrates the growing prevalence of satellite equipment in wireless networks. Learned concepts include ways in which video and data are transmitted using satellites and equipment used to maintain optimal satellite reception. Instruction addresses satellite components and functions, as well as installation, troubleshooting and repair procedures.

Training Options in Satellite Installation

Certificate programs, such as a digital home technology integrator (DHTI) certificate, offer training in satellite installation. Other training opportunities can be found in career education programs in information or electronic technology. These programs prepare students to install and maintain home satellite systems, which receive television or Internet signals. Some courses also address orbiting satellite systems, which are used to maintain wireless networks for cellular service and global positioning systems.

Certification Options in Satellite Installation

The Electronics Technicians Association ( offers the Certified Satellite Installation (CSI) certification, which entry-level jobs may require for satellite installers. This certification exam tests an aspiring satellite installer in the areas of small and large satellite dish capabilities, as well as commercial satellite, signal distribution and antenna systems. Some career education programs include preparation courses for the CSI exam.

Dish Network Dish Network 1000.2 Eastern Arc DPP Twin LNBF
CE (Dish Network)
  • Use the same 1.2 WA Triple LNB bracket for the 1.2 EA Twin LNBF. The W- Bracket is not interchangeable with the WA Triple LNB bracket in a 72.7/61.5 install
  • There is no input port to accommodate a wing dish
  • There are new angle settings for the 1.2 EA Twin. Use the angles table provided separately with this training 1.2 EA Twin Configuration Considerations
  • Supports the connection of three single or dual tuner receivers
  • Not compatible with Legacy equipment
HDCat HDMI Splitter 1x4 Ver 1.4 Powered Splitter for Full HD 1080P with HDCP and 3D Support
Speakers (HDCat)
  • Simple installation and Set up for 1 in and 4 output Splitter
  • Fully Supports 1080P HDTV, HDCP Compliant, Approved by HDMI Attached Lab
  • Supports 3D; compatible with HDTV, projector, Blu-ray player, PS3, DVD, Xbox, Apple TV
  • Gold Plated Connector and Cable Fixing Bolt for Long Cable
  • Plug & Play, Supports DTS, Dolby, HDMI Version - 1.4v + HDCP1.2,Supports Deep Color upto 36bits