DirecTV satellite signal Meter

There are a lot of settings in this meter and honestly there's no need to go into them. You should specifically avoid the LNB Setup Menu unless you are using this meter to align a dish that's not in its memory.

Pressing OK will enter the main menu. Use the up and down buttons to navigate and the OK button to go into an option. There aren't a lot of options you'll really want to go into but here are a few that do make sense:

Highlighting this option and pressing OK will make the beeping stop. If you're having trouble aiming, people around you will thank you for doing this.

The Favorites option lets you hide dish types that you don't care about. In general you will want to hide everything but the dish type you are actually using.

Use the up and down buttons to highlight a dish type then press OK. If there is an asterisk (*) next to a dish, that means it will appear in your favorites. If the asterisk isn't there, you won't see that dish when you scroll up and down while searching for satellites.

When you're done hiding all the dish types you don't want, arrow down to Save & Exit and press OK. Then arrow up to Satellite Search and press OK.

Most options will reset themselves after the meter is turned off and on. The only one that sticks is the Favorites list.