Satellite TV signal meter

digital tv signal locatorFor your situation, but a signal meter can ensure you get it in the right spot. Without a meter, you can be turning your antenna for hours trying to find the best signal; and by the time you find it, your show can already be off.

We selected the best four digital TV signal strength meters to help you install your antenna. Here is what we found.

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Finding digital programming while you are traveling, but with the Winegard RFL-342 TV signal meter you can find local programming quickly and easily and in a matter of a few minutes.

It is very easy to operate by selecting “foot scan mode” and then turn the SensarPro slowly until you locate the strongest signal. After you find it, run a full channel scan and tune in to the shows you love to watch as you settle in to relax after a long day on the road.

The easy to read display will indicate the signal strengthen and is able to scan, seek and search for channels. It also has an adjustable gain and volume control. The unit also has multiple outputs including TV1 OUT, TV2 OUT, Antenna IN and Cable IN.

Find the location of the towers of local TV stations before scanning for channels with the King Controls SL 1000 SureLock. This handy tool makes it faster to find the channels you want to watch and can cut down on the time it takes to set up your antenna.

The Digital TV Signal Finder connects to any TV antenna output, or you can install it between the TV and antenna. The adjustable gain control allows you to adjust how sensitive the signal finder looks for strong or weak signals.

Turn the antenna until you see the LEDs light up all the way across. Then you can run the scan to find channels. The King Controls SL 1000 makes it easy to find what you are looking for in a matter of minutes.

This is one of the simplest TV signal finders to use on the market with its plug n play and variable design features which allow you to adjust for the optimum image resolution.

If you are looking for a signal from digital TV stations, the Digital TV Signal Meter can make it fast and easy. If you like to install your own antenna, this signal meter will make it go a lot faster. The handheld unit is lightweight, compact and easy to use.

The meter has a 4-segment indicator that shows signal strength from both UHF and VHF combined. Simply connect the Signal Meter to any type of TV antenna using a coaxial cable and use it like a pointer.

The Digital TV Signal Meter has a 90-day warranty on its parts and includes a 9V battery as well as easy to understand instructions on how it is used.

For those who would like a signal strength meter that works with DISH or DirecTV satellites, the Triplett SatAlign 2 3275 is the perfect tool for locating signal strengths. It works fast to get a quick response and has a sensitive MMIC meter amplifier.

The polarization indicators are easy to see LEDs which makes it easy to read. It also contains an analog meter for easy readouts and an audible tone which is very useful for helping to align the direct broadcast satellite dish. The audible tone can also be used to indicate signal strength. The unit is small, and durable for long lasting use.


A digital signal strength meter is an essential tool for helping find TV signal strength. Having a useful meter ensures you can find signals easily and helps you situate the best OTA antenna or satellite in the best possible position to capture favorite television channels and shows.

Before you start installing your OTA antenna, use one of the meters to help locate the best signal strength. It will save you lots of time and frustration to be able to find the stronger signals and then situation your antenna accordingly. It is well worth the money, especially when you travel a lot and are unsure of where TV towers are located in new regions you have not traveled before.

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