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Find satellite TV listings for DISH Network by visiting Enter your ZIP code in the ZIP field located at the upper-left corner of the website page as shown on the site's online programming guide. TV listings are shown on the DISH Network channel and programming guide in Eastern Daylight Time.

Find the DirecTV channel guide and programming by visiting the guide and choosing the "Enter your ZIP code" link located at the top of the channel listings. Click the link and enter your local ZIP code to filter the results.

Find satellite TV listings through the TV Guide website by visiting Focus the listings to your location and satellite TV service provider by choosing the "Change" link located at the top of the site page. Click your satellite service provider listed among the choices to narrow the listings based on your location and provider.

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  • 1. How Does Satellite TV Work
  • 2. How to Buy a Satellite TV Without the Service
  • 3. How to Get Free Satellite TV
  • 4. How to Get Satellite TV Without Paying
  • 5. How to Increase Satellite TV Signal Strength
  • 6. How to Repair a Satellite TV
  • 7. How to Sell Satellite TV
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