Connect satellite to TV

Connect one end to the DVR, and one end to the router.Connecting some satellite providers' satellite television receivers to the Internet supplies access to on-demand movies and television programming that's not available simply through the satellite service. If you have a compatible high definition digital video recorder with Ethernet jack, you can install an Internet connection to it via your home Internet router.

Step 1

Contact your satellite television provider and verify that your DVR is compatible with Internet and that your home Internet connection uses broadband, rather than the slower dial-up solutions. You may have to order a new DVR receiver and there may be a charge for it.

Step 2

Determine whether your television gear is within wired range of the Internet router, or whether you need a wireless application. In the case of DirecTV, check the bill and see if you have a service called "Whole-home DVR Service." Choose the self-installed connection kit if you need a wired or wireless connection and you have "Whole-home DVR Service." If you do not need wireless, and do not have "Whole-home DVR Service, " you can self-install with only an Ethernet cable.

Step 3

Order the on-demand service package and the kit, or purchase an Ethernet cable. To self-install with an Ethernet cable, connect one end to the DVR's Ethernet jack, and one end to the router. On a DirecTV DVR, you would then choose "System Setup" and then "Network Setup." Your provider may be a bit different. Select "Connect Now" and the DVR will start the network connection process. When the connection has completed, wait up to a day for the new services to start.