Adult satellite TV

FM Radio channels Temporarily

Adult Viewing Cards are for available here from Europe’s leading Erotic Pay Satellite TV broadcasters!!

Special Offer – Order any Adult Viewing Card and ADD Brazzers TV for just £79 (save £20) and/or a Viaccess Cam for just £29 (save £10)!!

Watch Adult XXX Channels from Satellite TV broadcasters such as Vivid TV, Hustler TV, Redlight TV, Private TV, Brazzers TV Europe, Dorcel TV, SCT TV, Satisfaction Channel Television & Pink’O TV !!

High Definition channels such as Vivid TV, Dorcel HD, Redlight HD, Hustler HD and SCT HD can be watched in conjunction with a High Definition Satellite TV Receiver to enjoy the full Hardcore XXX Satellite TV Home Cinema Experience from your armchair.

Our wide range of Adult Viewing Cards are available for satellite tv with a choice of 6 or 12 Month Subscriptions in Viaccess encryption.

  • New !! Dorcel HD launched on Astra 19 Degrees East, frequency 12.581 Ghz Vertical
  • New !! Vivid TV Europe launched on Astra 19 Degrees East, frequency 12.515 Ghz Horizontal
  • New !! Pink’O TV launched on Hotbird 13 Degrees East, frequency 11.727Ghz Horizonatal
  • Dorcel XXX launched on Astra 19 Degrees East on our Mega Elite HD Card!!

Are you confused by the range of Adult Viewing Cards available? If so please read our comparison guide here which will inform you which channels are available on each card and whether you require a High Definition or a Standard Definition Receiver to view them. In addition our Adult Viewing Card FAQ answers some of the most common questions we get asked.

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