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Satellite Television is one of the greatest products to sell as it offers you, the professional satellite retailer, opportunities to sell the customer a number of great products and services. In most cases when a customer contacts you they are not sure what they really want.

Yes they want satellite TV, but do they want HD, DVD, multiple receivers, or dual tuner. What about an off-air antenna? By asking some simple questions you can find out what the customers needs might be. Failure to ask enough questions will frequently result in lost sales opportunities.

My favorite first question is to ask a customer what television service they currently have and why they are looking to change. Questions about what the customer likes to watch, how many TV’s and people in the house are also important as they will help you determine what is the best equipment and service for the customer.

Once you have determined the customer’s satellite equipment you need to sell the value of your company’s installation. Explain to the customer about the quality of your firm’s workmanship and type of materials you use. Show then the letters of appreciation from past customers and the certifications you and your technicians have earned (perhaps have these materials framed on the wall). Explain that you only use materials that are approved by your platform provider to ensure that their system works to optimum performance. Review with the customer what you will be doing as part of the basic installation and make a customer aware of some of the specialty installation services you offer beyond a basic install. Many retailers are now providing the customer with a list of optional products and services that are available; give this to the customer to take home so they can think about what additional items they may want. This allows the customer to speak with their spouse and make an informed decision.

Now that you have completed the sale of the satellite system it is time to start planting the seeds for selling the customer additional products and services. Based on the answers to the questions you asked previously you may be able to see if the customer is a candidate for a High Def TV, surround sound, security system or some of the other products you may also carry. When I used to run my retail store we asked every customer (even those who came in to drop of a repair) if they wanted to see something really cool, we would then show them a quick surround sound demo in our home theater room. It was amazing how many customers we were able sell a big screen or theater system to just by asking them to check something out.

Another opportunity to continue the sales process is during the installation. If you have taken the time to work with the customer and project yourself as the expert then you will find all sorts of potential sales opportunities when you get to the customers home. Ask the customer again if they want you to perform any of the customer work you discussed previously. Take a look and see if customer’s television is old or in poor shape, if so you may want to mention that the satellite system would look great on that new HD big screen you have in stock. The same is true about upgrading the surround sound. Another item to always carry is high quality HDMI cables in various lengths. Many big box retailers and internet retailers do not sell the customers the proper cables to get the optimum performance out of the equipment. If you have these, it will save a customer a trip to the store and put extra money in your pocket.

Even after the installation is completed you should continue to sell your self or your products. Ask the customer for referrals, if they are happy with your work ask them for a letter of recommendation. If they expressed interest in any of your other products ask if you can drop of some literature. Also remember to be sure and follow up with every customer to make sure that they are fully satisfied with their satellite system and installation. By making a simple phone call to them a few days after installation will provide the customer with the reassurance that they have made the right purchase and make them consider your company for other future purchases.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask the customer about purchasing additional items. If you have done your job, asked questions and listened to their needs you will only be enhancing their satisfaction and enjoyment of their satellite system purchase.

KING KING MB600 Removable Roof Mount Bracket for KING Tailgater and Quest Satellite Antennas
Automotive Parts and Accessories (KING)
  • Removable antenna roof mount kit
  • Temporarily mount a KING antenna to your RV
  • Offers the ability to remove the antenna without breaking the roof seal
  • Works with KING Tailgater and Quest portable satellite TV antennas