Download satellite TV for PC

Satellite TV For PC 2011 Elite

Watch all your favorite shows on your computer

PC Satellite TV BOX is a software solution designed to help you watch online television with ease, using only your Internet connection.

The application sports a rather simple and clean interface that helps the app get the job done, but it's recommended to pay attention to installation because it also attempts to drop some unnecessary software tools on your computer.

Besides a toolbar, the installer tries to change the default search engine and home page in Internet Explorer, so it's better to follow all steps carefully and disable any third-party tools.

PC Satellite TV BOX provides multiple channel categories, including business news, educational, entertainment, government, sports, music, movies, lifestyle, weather and shopping. Additionally, it boasts several webcam streams from all over the world.

Although it comes with such a rich array of features, managing the channels is difficult, not only because there's absolutely no way to save a favorite station, but also because you can't sort them by country or by any other criteria.

Plus, PC Satellite TV BOX doesn’t provide a configuration screen, so there's nothing to customize about the application. On the other hand, PC Satellite TV BOX works pretty smooth and most of the links inside the app seem to work okay, but this also depends on your Internet connection.

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