Portable satellite TV for camping

No matter what your budget is, what your needs are, or the type of RV you have, there is a satellite antenna just right for you and Camping World is here to help you make the right choice. Contact your favorite Camping World today or visit and let us assist you in finalizing your decision. SuperCenters nationwide will also provide professional installation if needed.Winegard Company entered the television reception industry at the dawn of the television era back in 1954. Ever since they became a Camping World vendor in 1973 they have continued to demonstrate a strong commitment in adapting to evolving technological advancements and customer needs. Today, Winegard Company is the leading television reception products provider in the RV industry. With the most diverse product line and a proven track record when it comes to quality they have earned the distinction of being Camping World’s preferred satellite provider. What is even more impressive is in just the past three years, Winegard has launched more than 10 new mobile television antennas!

The good news is if you are in the market to buy a new satellite TV antenna, you have options. The bad news is that with so many options it can make the decision-making process a bit overwhelming. Here are the questions you need to ask yourself:

•Do you want an automatic or manual antenna?

•Do you want a permanent roof mount or portable antenna?

•Is high definition important?

•Do you plan on using multiple TVs at the same time?

•Is in-motion viewing important?

•What is your budget?

Winegard satellite TV antennas can be categorized into three main groups:

By understanding the difference between each group, you will be able to identify which features are important to you to help you select the best antenna to meet your specific needs. Let’s take a closer look at each group.


Flexibility is the greatest advantage in a portable antenna. With a portable antenna you have the ability to move the antenna around so that line of sight obstacles aren’t an issue. You also aren’t limited in using the antenna just for RVing. Take your portable antenna with you anywhere, anytime to make any outdoor event more enjoyable. And if you ever change RVs, you can take your portable antenna with you! Portable antennas are also popular because of their lower price and are often a first pick for that very reason.

Winegard Carryout Satellite for RV If a portable antenna is the route you want to go, the next decision is whether you want an automatic or manual portable antenna. The is a “no hassle, plug in and let it do the rest” TV antenna. The speed and accuracy of this antenna is really amazing but what users rave about most is how simple it is to use. The Carryout antenna hooks up to a 12V power source inside the vehicle and comes with 50’ coax and power cables for maximum flexibility in selecting the best location for optimum reception. The easy grip handle provides for effortless carrying. An eyelet on the base allows the unit to be locked up to a permanent fixture for added security. Temporary and permanent mounting options are available and sold separately. It’s compatible with DISH Network and Bell TV (standard and HD) and DIRECTV (standard).Brand new to the Winegard satellite product line, the is the least expensive option, perfect for anyone not wanting to spend over $200 on an antenna or for those not intimidated by having to manually find the satellite. This super compact manual antenna includes a bubble level, compass, elevation markings and 25’ of coax that stows in the base, making set up fast and easy. The MP1 fully encloses inside its own case. The case is great for easy transport and storage and acts as the base for the antenna while in use. It’s compatible with DISH Network and Bell TV (standard and HD) and DIRECTV (standard). In a short time, this antenna is proving to be a top seller.


Domes are popular among RVers because they are automatic and provide both stationary viewing and in-motion viewing options depending on the model. Some prefer how the sleek look of a dome complements the RV and choose a dome merely for that reason. Another benefit with a dome is that unlike a portable, it doesn’t take up any storage space.

Compact Winegard 15” RoadTrip® MiniMax™ domes are the newest line to the automatic roof mounted dome category. Designed primarily after the Carryout Automatic Portable, the MiniMax requires minimal roof space with the smallest footprint on the market (23” diameter). An enhanced antenna design and a high gloss, rounded dome provide strong and impressive performance. Compatible with DISH Network and Bell TV (standard and HD) and DIRECTV (standard), these antennas automatically switch between 2 – 3 satellites depending on the provider. Both stationary models, )and in-motion models, ) are available.

Multi-Satellite TV Antennas

TRAV’LER® antennas are Winegard’s premier satellite TV antennas. They are recommended above any other antenna because they provide superior performance. Made from reflectors that are approved, certified and used for the home market for each satellite provider, the TRAV’LER antennas provide everything satellite TV has to offer. And if you are looking for the antenna capable of providing DIRECTV HD, the Slimline KU/KA model is the answer. No dome or portable antenna on the market is capable of delivering DIRECTV HD.

With one button on/off operation, TRAV’LER antennas automatically raise, rotate and skew to lock on all satellites simultaneously, so there’s never toggling between satellites. There are two main benefits to this: 1) Family members can watch separate programs on any TV in the RV at the same time; 2) They work great with DVRs. This means while traveling down the road to your next destination you can keep the kids entertained with their favorite shows you have prerecorded. With a TRAV’LER antenna there are no compromises, they are the best of the best and are geared for the family or the television guru.

Deciding which TRAV’LER to purchase all depends on which satellite provider you prefer since each antenna is specific to the provider. DISH Network provides all standard and HD programming

The Right Choice

Winegard Company, located in the heart of the Midwest, in Burlington, Iowa takes great pride in designing and manufacturing all of their antennas in the U.S. Unlike competitors, they are more than just an ‘assembler’. Winegard is also committed to providing top quality products by putting all of their antenna products through stringent environmental testing procedures to assure their antennas can survive the harshest weather conditions. Furthermore all automatic antennas are live tested before leaving the facility. With a Winegard antenna you can be confident you are getting a top quality product. All antennas are backed by a two year parts, one year labor limited warranty.


July ‘41 – First Commerical Television Broadcast

1954 – Winegard Company incorporated

1973 – Winegard Company becomes Camping World vendor

1981 – Sensar® home antenna is modified to RV antenna

Fall ‘01 –Movin’ View® domes introduced

Late ’05 – DIRECTV starts shifting HD programming to KA-band satellites

Spring ‘06 – Motorized Sensar launched

June ‘06 – 12” RoadTrip domes provide low profile option

Nov ’06 – Awarded Camping World “Outstanding Vendor 2006”

April ‘07 – Clint Bowyer wins Phoenix Busch series race in Camping World/Winegard Chevrolet

Nov ’07 – Digital Receiver awarded Camping World “Best Internet Product 2007”

Nov ‘07 – TRAV’LER DISH Network and DIRECTV models introduced

Jan ‘08 – TRAV’LER Star Choice Canada model introduced

Jan ’09 – Wingman™ launched - #1 Winegard product in ‘09

Spring ’09 – CLUB-W Winegard consumer lub launched

Mar ’09 – Carryout Automatic Portable introducd

June ‘09 – U.S. 2009 Digital Transition

Fall ’09 – 15” RoadTrip MiniMax antennas introduced

Jan ’10 – Carryout® MP1 Manual Portable antenna launched

Jan ’10 – Sensar® IV with integrated Wingman launched


While Winegard Company holds the title of one of the longest standing RV TV antenna manufactures, they are also one of the largest home satellite antenna manufacturers.

An 800 ton press can stamp out an impressive 500, 000 reflectors per month, ranging in size from 46 cm to 1 meter. Winegard distributes satellite antennas to U.S., Canada, Mexico and New Zealand for companies such as DISH Network®, Sky Mexico, SkyNetwork Television, and Bell Distribution.

Satpro DirecTV 18 Dish Portable Satellite Kit for RV Camping Tailgating with Meter
CE (Satpro)
  • DirecTV 18 Dish Portable Satellite Kit for RV Camping Tailgating
  • It comes with everything you need
  • 50 foot of cable, Meter, Compass, Flat cable, Pole level
  • Cable to Cable connector, small rg6 cable and 3 stakes
  • Phone support 305-259-4255 Satpro.tv
Directv DirecTV SWM SL3S Portable Satellite RV Dish Kit Camping Tailgating with Tripod SWiM and level
CE (Directv)
  • Directv SWM SL3s satellite system for camping, RV
  • Set up your Tripod and center mast.
  • With your 50 ft cable, Connect one end to the Satellite dish and the other end to the Power supply.
  • Portable Satellite Dish for Directv in HD
  • Portable SWM
Winegard Winegard GM-5000 Carryout Anser Portable Satellite Antenna
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Winegard)
  • Set elevation, automatically finds satellite
  • Larger reflector provides single satellite solution
  • Features 2 coax inputs for multiple receiver hook-up
  • Includes easy-grip handle for easy portability. Includes 25 feet coax cable and 25 feet power cable that plugs into standard 12 volt outlet
  • Compatible with DISH HD, DIRECTV, and Bell satellites. Not compatible with Carryout ladder mount
  • Refer User Manual for installation Procedure