Satellite TV in Ontario

Adam Mayers (l) and Chris

Can anyone tell me how I can hook up to Direct tv in Canada? Where do I buy the dish and other equipment? I already have a dish but not sure if it will work. Where can I pick up a DTV box and card? The company that has been providing my Korean channels (TAN TV) in L.A. aren't even picking up the phones now that direct tv, took over their programs. Am I SOL?

Please help!

Makes me mad about all the people that answer these types of questions by saying, you CANT OR ITS AGAINST THE LAW.

I got a wireless key board and it sucks so forgive me for the doble letters, getting a new one in the next few days

I dont believe the poster asked opinions on the legality of getting DTV in Canada.

And TECHNICALLY it is still a gray area, some will say that this is not true, but in Canada today in 2010 they are not going after people that have DTV systems.

And the larger point to the fellows question, you do not have to have a friend in the States and you dop NOT have top have Direct deposit with a US bank.

There are still some retailers as of this moment, that have 800 numbers that work from Canada. All you need is to research for a address, I used the address of a foreclosed home in Michigan, recent pics and it had no dish in any pics.

I then researched that address for proper county etc, so it all made sense to anybody in the know.

There are many ways to do it.

Yes you have to buy your own equipmenbt, make it easy on yourself by buying brand new never used equipment, as it is more difficult for new customers toreactivate older units, plusif the previous owners account was not payed they may actually ask you to paythat, but more probable just refuse. So by new equipment, SD was the way I wewnt, 69 bucks for each basic unit, I bought mostly on ebay with paypal, brand new.

If you have been a fta guy at any point then you already have dishes. If not you have to buy also. I use single dishes with double LNB because I have atleast 6 of them, collect them at the dump etc.

So you can simply phone a 800 number from Canada, here is just one of many that work 1 800 210 7300, now for sure you have to NOT tell them you are in Canada. Once you have your equipment hooked up, pointing at dish, you researched a address in the area, in this case the retailer is in Michigan, so you pick a Michigan nlegit address that does not have DTV currently, in my case I crossed my fingers, but you could look in white pages and actually phone a number until you canm get someone to tell you that they do not have DTV, pretend you are DTV sales or something.

Tell the retailer girl that you are ready to go, you always hook up your own equipment, this is not a prob lem for them, tell them you want paperless billing, and give them you CANAdIAN Visa number, also you need to give them a phone number from the area as well.

Here you can see Liberty Towers.

Magic Jack is the easiest way to go, you can get a US phone number in virtually any area. Sop you can give them your MJ mumber.

But if you have a MJ you can call the main DTV number which is actually better 1800 531 5000, now this will not work from a Canadian phone, BUT YES FROM mj.

And Directv will accept your Canadian Visa, they do not check it I have done it multiple tiomes. My visa statement comes every month and it ios deducted by Directv themselves, this is FACT!!!

There are many ways to get it, a MJ is a cost of 40 bucks, but that includes your 19 bucks a year fee, after you purchase its only 19 bucks a year. If you are afraid to call dtv directly, then just use the MJ to obtain a phone niumber to give them, it will just ring and say that you are not available. They DTV do not phone customers anyway.

If you have a DTV account you no longer ever need to call again, unless you move. You can add change programing all from and email.

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