DIRECTV TV satellite Internet speed

DIRECTV - High-Speed Internet from DIRECTV Preferred ProvidersNo More Dial–Up

  • Download audio, video and more, at speeds up to 50 times faster.
  • Talk on the phone while you're online.

Forget About Cable Modem

  • With High-Speed Internet, your web surfing won't be slowed down by other users in your neighborhood.
  • You can install High-Speed Internet service on your own. No need to wait for the cable guy.

HSI subject to availability, service not available in all areas. Eligibility based on service address and phone line. Internet Service provided by a preferred DIRECTV provider and billed separately. Prices vary depending on provider and are subject to change. Separate appointment for Internet installation may be required. Equipment may be required and sold separately. Startup costs, taxes and other fees may apply. Computer system requirements vary by provider. Terms and conditions for selected Internet Service provider apply. DIRECTV television service commitment required.

DirecTV DIRECTV Receiver DECA Ethernet to Coax Adapter (DECA1MR01) Generation I - White
Personal Computer (DirecTV)
  • Multi-Room Viewing Feature requires a SWM system, and compatible DIRECTV receiver. Every receiver requires a DECA or Band Stop filter except H24, H25, HR24, and...
  • DECA system is used in conjunction with the SWM LNB, SWM8 or SWM16 to give receivers internet access through the coax coming from the SWM Switch
  • Using a DECA prevents the diplexing of an off-air antenna, because they both use the same frequency
  • HR20-100 receiver requires a Band Stop Filter for this system to work
  • The DECA network is a shared 200Mb/s, or the same speed as full duplex 100Mb/s Ethernet Power supply (if needed) sold separately
DIRECTV DIRECTV Broadband DECA Ethernet to Coax Adapter - Generation II (2-pack)
Personal Computer (DIRECTV)
  • Save when you purchase 2
  • The DECA network is a shared 200Mb/s or the same speed as full duplex 100Mb/s Ethernet
  • This kit includes the DECA II adapter / EPS10 power supply and DCFR0 DC to RF adapter
  • Use this device in place of a Cinema Connection Kit or older Broadband DECA