Satellite TV on the radio

Coming Back
by (mr)dana of Punk Planet

AS I had always suspected, TVOTR are a completely different beast live. Having see them on their last tour with SUBTLE (by the way, another greal studio and live band) they just completely cleaned the place up. These guys have definitly made their sound bigger and better with the bigger line up. These guys still use all that is art punk blended with R&B and continue to make it bigger and better. Afro Jazz, shoe gazing, indie dance tunes are blended up and spit out new and fresh remakes of faves from their catalog. Simply incredible. THey just keep getting better...

OMG! More live TVOTR!

You need to see this band live. That's it, it's something you must do. It's more than a show... it's an experience and this 5 track EP attempts to capture the energy of their live performance. Does it do an adequate job? That's not for mortals to decide. Just listen and feel the experience. You will not be disappointed.

tv on the radio is the best band ever
by horned toads

with all of this horrible mainstream music selling all of the records, getting all of the airtime and getting all the pubilictly, you cant help but wonder why bands like tv on the radio aren't getting any of the airtime or pubilictly that people like pink do. if you listen to wolf like me than any pink song, you notice a slight differnce it haw good the songs are. so sad. in 15 years people will realized how good tv on the radio is


Formed: 2001 in Brooklyn, NY

Genre: Alternative

Years Active: '00s, '10s

From their beginnings as Brooklyn-based experimenters to one of the most acclaimed bands of the 2000s and 2010s, TV on the Radio mixed post-punk, electronic, and other atmospheric elements in vibrantly creative ways, and are both visual artists as well as musicians. The group began when multi-instrumentalist/producer David Andrew Sitek moved into the building where vocalist Tunde Adebimpe had a loft; each of them had been recording music on his own, but realized their sounds worked well together.

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