Satellite TV for truck drivers

Satellite tv for truck drivers

I'm thinking about satellite TV. for the truck. Anyone have any suggestions on equipment, where to buy, install options, etc. Please help.

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I have Direct TV. You can purchase the entire set-up (Dish, Mount and receiver) at a WallMart or BestBuy for less than $100. (probably FAR less). You will have to sign a "contract" with D-TV before you walk out with the UNIT. While many drivers mount their "DISH" on a piece of PVC pipe, I mounted the stock Dish mount directly onto the passenger side mirror using small "pipe clamps" (1 1/2 inch) and a small strip of 3/8 inch thick steel. It provides a secure mount to place the dish and you can easily make sure the "mount" is "plumb". You can also "point the dish" from the passenger seat with-out standing outside. Helpful in really HOT, COLD or WET weather. I would also suggest a "sat signal meter", a COMPASS and a ZIP CODE directory; all found at your local Radio Shack. Also a small "BULLET" level and 7/16 open end wrench for making sure your "mount" is straight up-and-down. This is an IMPORTANT step in pointing your dish in an effective manner.

As I said, I have D-TV. I have a friend that traded his D-TV for DISH because the programming was cheaper. But HE FOUND that the sats were LOWER in the sky than those used by D-TV and he had problems finding a good sat signal in the upper latitudes, especially on the UPPER East Coast.
His signal was often blocked by trucks passing in front of him, or parking next to him. Also, I read lately that DISH might be in some sort of "trouble" and soon may be losing about 1/2 of their programming.
With Practice, you will be able to always PARK so the front or driver's side is in the direction of the SATS and you will also learn how to point the dish and be watching your favorite programming in 5 minutes or less. FORGET the dual LNB, "OVAL" dishes and paying for your "LOCAL" channels, That is even more complicated and I have never been able to get an adequate signal to watch my Grand Rapids, MI stations.

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