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It seems that Kodi addons providing access to live television and sports and have been getting more reliable as time progresses. At one point in time, watching reliable sports and live television through Kodi addons was just a dream, whereas it is now a reality and only getting better by the day.

As far as cancelling you cable subscription or sports package goes, it’s now a realistic venture, assuming you don’t mind watching live television and sports streams in standard cable definition quality. We’ve gone ahead and put together a list of the best live television and sports addons for Kodi for your enjoyment, find it below, be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the page!

Addon Installation: You’ll find it easiest to use our Addon Installer tool to find and enable any addon that your heart desires! Most of the Kodi addons listed below can be found under the “Featured Addons” category, while others can be found through a simple search.

Best Live TV Addons for Kodi

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  1. USTVnow Plus ( Addon Repository)
    You’ll have to signup to their site to use it, but it’s totally free and legally licensed. It will give you access to the major US networks free of charge and always reliable.
  2. Phoenix
    It’s everyone’s favourite playlist add-on for Kodi, featuring curated lists from several well known figures in the community, all kinds of content available.
  3. Live Mix (MetalKettles Addon Repository)
    This addon gives you live access to a huge lot of international television channels, neatly categorized within a nice graphical interface.
  4. cCloud TV (podgod repo)
    Powered by user submitted content to the online service holding the same name, this add-on provides a multitude of great live streaming power.
  5. UK Turk Playlists
    Playlists curated by none other than UK Turk offering a wide array of live streaming channels from all over the world.
  6. channel PEAR (podgod repo)
    It’s also powered by user submitted content through their online service, great stuff really.
  7. FilmOn.TV
    This great add-on has been out for quite a while now, offers a lot of reliable content from across the globe through FilmOn’s legal and licensed online streaming service.
  8. IsraeLIVE (Hebrew XBMC Israeli Streaming Sites)
    Don’t let the name fool you, this add-on offers endless live streaming content from all over the place, very cool stuff.
  9. DutchCloudTv (Dutch Sport Streams)
    It offers a lot more than just Dutch content, you’ll find streams from all over Europe and the United States as well.
  10. Navi-X
    It’s actually the oldest add-on for Kodi in existance, provides everyone with the ability to share their own playlists, a bit disorganized, but quite a bit of worthwhile content available nonetheless.
  11. CanTVLive (podgod repository)
    You’ll find a few Canadian live television channels in there, nothing else though.
  12. EarthCam ( Addon Repository)
    EarthCam for Kodi gives you access to live high definition security camera footage from across the globe.

Best Live Sports Addons for Kodi

  1. Castaway (natko1412 repo)
    Castaway for Kodi is a brand new live sports streaming addon, interfaces with some of the most popular sports streaming sites.
  2. SportsDevil (manual installation)
    It offers live sports and events from a wide array of sports streaming web sites. Developers of this add-on wish to keep it outside of a repository, meaning users need to manually update.
  3. Pro Sport
    Pro Sport for Kodi provides access to live sports streams and is powered by Reddit.
  4. Sports Mix
    This addon gives you live access to a huge lot of international sports channels, neatly categorized within a nice graphical interface.
  5. NBC Sports Live Extra
    If you’re located in the United States (or Use a VPN) you can access quite a bit of live game coverage for NHL, Premier League, College Basketball, NBA, MLS, NASCAR, MLB and Golf. It’s a legal service provided by NBC, so it’s also quite reliable.

Congratulations! Now that you’ve hit the motherload when it comes to live TV addons for Kodi, maybe it’s time to downgrade or outright cancel that cable or satellite television subscription. If you enjoy these Kodi addons as much as we do, please take the time to share our web site with your friends, coworkers and loved ones, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed. Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to visit our Discussion Forums anytime you feel the need.