Ku band satellite TV

Prime Focul Dish Actuator Arm | Motor for satellite dishKu band satellite dishes usually range anywhere between 18 inches (40cm) to 1.2m (48 inch). Most Free To Air FTA dishes are Ku band. C band satellite dishes can also be used for FTA. C band dishes are are larger in size. Usually 1.8 meters | 6 feet and larger. C band dishes are usually prime focus. With a Ku band LNB specially designed for a C band dish, you can use a C band dish to pick up a Ku band signal.

The difference between the offset satellite dish and prime focal (prime focus) dish is the way the signal reflects from the surface and where it gets concentrated.

Prime Focus Dishes, the signal reflects from the satellite dish and concentrates towards the center, where the LNB is mounted to catch the signal.

Offset Dishes are designed with an offset angle. Usually set at 21-degrees. With this design, the signal reflects from the dish and concentrates towards the bottom of the satellite dish instead of the center of the satellite dish. See the pictures below:

Prime Focus Dish

Offset Dish

In most cases, there are standard size satellite dishes. See the chart below:

Size in INCH

Size in Metric

45cm Dish

18 Inch | 18" Dish

60cm Dish

24 Inch | 24" Dish

75cm Dish

30 Inch | 30" Dish

80cm Dish

31.5 Inch* | 31.5"* Dish

90cm Dish

36 Inch | 36" Dish

100cm | 1m Dish

39 Inch | 39" Dish

120cm | 1.2m Dish

47 Inch | 47" Dish

*Because of marketing, some dish manufacturers and distributors advertise an 80cm dish as a 33" dish rather than a 31" dish

The standard size for offset dish lnb bracket | clamp is 40mm

We carry a few different type of HH motors for offset Ku band satellite dishes. Go here for our satellite motor section.

Twin Flos Generic C to Ku Band Conversion Bracket LNB Holder Satellite Dish Satellite Tv Dish LNB Bracket
CE (Twin Flos)
  • C Band Dish to KU Band
  • KU Band Conversion
  • C to KU Band Conversion
  • Conversion Bracket
Orbital Tracker New Dual Standar Linear LNB KU-Band LNBF FTA Satellite Dish by Orbital Tracker
CE (Orbital Tracker)
  • Dual Universal LNB
  • 0.2 dB or better
  • MPEG 4 Aproved
  • HD Ready
Twin Flos Multi Feed 5 Ku Band LNB Bracket Satellite Dish LNB Holder Lnbf Mount Hold up to 5 Ku Band LNB Satellite Tv Dish LNB Bracket
CE (Twin Flos)
  • 5 Star LNB Bracket
  • Hold Up to 5 KU Band LNB
  • LNB Holder
Titanium Satellite C KU Band Combo LNBF - KU PLL 50KHz Stability - CK1S
Speakers (Titanium Satellite)
  • Combined C and KU-Band LNBF
  • One C-band Output Wideband 3.4-4.2GHz - LO 5150
  • One KU-band Output 11.7-12.75GHz Standard LO 10750
  • C-band - DRO / KU-band - PLL Local Oscillators
DMS International Avenger Standard Ku Band Dual LNBF KSC322 10750 0.2dB Noise
Speakers (DMS International)
  • Dual Ku Band
  • Input: 11.70 - 12.75 GHz
  • L.O.: 10.75 GHz
  • Noise: 0.2 dB
  • Gain: 60 dB