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When searching for the best cheap cable TV provider, the lowest possible monthly rate is obviously the most important factor. Being aware of some of the industry pricing practices can help ensure that you keep your cable bill low. For example, most cable TV companies offer a low introductory rate, typically for six months to a year, after which, prices increase. Some companies are very transparent about these price increases, and others are a little less forthcoming. Be sure to check with the TV provider for specific rates in your area.

AT&T U-verse is the only fiber optic cable provider that makes the list of cheap cable TV providers. Packages for AT&T U-verse begin at very affordable rates for local channels (when you bundle with internet), but can get much higher when you get into the high-end packages with 400-plus channels. The real value for U-verse plans is in the entry-level and mid-range options, as these packages are the most competitive. One potential drawback to U-verse packages is the fact that introductory pricing is only applicable for the first six months of service. After that, expect your prices to increase. AT&T U-verse is one of few cable TV services that utilize fiber optic networks. These networks reduce signal distortion, and have the ability to deliver picture of high quality. Fiber optic networks are especially appreciated by those that are looking to bundle TV with internet, as speeds on these systems can be impressive. AT&T U-verse is only offered in a few markets, but if you’re lucky enough to be in one of the areas of service, U-verse is definitely worth looking into.

Cablevision’s Optimum TV is a growing cable TV provider that offers packages that range from around $40 – $70/month. Although the entry-level plan is slightly higher than many competitors, Optimum makes it on the cheap cable TV list by providing competitively priced mid-level and high-end packages. Similar to most TV providers, the prices will increase after the first year, and at that point, you will probably be able to find a cheaper provider. One potential drawback to Optimum TV is the fairly limited availability, as it is only available in eight states. Optimum TV has a number of competitive DVRs, including an option that allows you to record up to four programs at once. For households with teens and kids, being able to simultaneously record four programs can help keep the peace. Optimum does not require credit checks in order to sign up for service, which can be useful if you have let your credit slide to a below-average score.

Offering services in 40 states makes Comcast XFINITY a viable cheap cable TV option for households across the nation. Comcast XFINITY TV has several offerings for customers to choose from, but its most affordable packages are in the entry-level to mid-level range. For those just looking for the basics, you can get into an entry-level plan that includes 10-plus channels for around $25 – $30/month. Comcast XFINITY also has multiple mid-range plans that are priced between $30 – $50/month and include 80 to 180-plus channels. Like many cable TV providers, Comcast XFINITY TV offers prices that are lower for the first year, but increase in month 13, and if you’re looking for a long-term solution, these price increases can be annoying. For those in the market for a high-end plan, you may want to shop around as Comcast’s Digital Premier plans can get expensive. However, Comcast XFINITY TV does include a great library of On Demand programs, Spanish language programming, and a respectable selection of DVRs. For many customers, the additional features offered by XFINITY TV will be worth the extra costs, even in the long run.

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  • Using lastest Wi-Fi module AP6330 (802.11 n) which supports dual band Wi-Fi signal upto 750 Mbps, the network speed plays key role for the performance
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