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DISH satellite TV has helpful customer service. To illustrate this, we turn to the experts. DISH has outranked Comcast in Customer Satisfaction for 12 years in a row, as well as ranking above the top cable providers by the American Customer Satisfaction in 2012 for Customer Satisfaction, Value, and Customer Loyalty.

With With all that DISH Network in Alabama offers, it's no wonder its customers are happy. If you're in Alabama, you can't get the Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR with PrimeTime Anytime™ anywhere else. DISH has more than 200 HD channels for you to enjoy all of your favorite shows in top quality. You can even save $120 a year because of DISH HD FREE for Life! You won't find that in any cable package.

Cable can't give you what DISH can. As a matter of fact, about 1, 620, 000 people across America left cable this year. DISH has over 565, 768 current subscribers in Alabama and chances are they can all tell you all the benefits of satellite TV. These deals won't last forever. Call now to get your DISH Network promotion!

†Requires Internet-connected, Sling-enabled DVR. 2 Monthly fees apply: Hopper, $12; Joey, $7; Super Joey, $10. Instant skip feature available for playback the next day of certain primetime shows on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC with PrimeTime Anytime feature. Features must be enabled by customer.