Car satellite Tv receiver

Don't route through the window because you can damage the cable.Satellite television providers have partnered with equipment makers to develop and sell automotive satellite television solutions. DirecTV's solution in association with KVH Industries provides 185 channels including Bravo and CNN. The service requires a mobile antenna that's attached to the car's luggage rack. A GPS system automatically enables local and cable channels when you're in your home area, and restricts local channels when traveling. Installing satellite TV in a car involves mounting the antenna and fitting the receiver. Once the equipment is installed, you can receive satellite television when traveling.

Step 1

Attach the mounting brackets to the bottom of the antenna with a wrench and then position the roof-rack crossbars. The KVH solution fits roof-rack bars that are 35-1/2-inches apart. Remove any ski-racks or other gear-transporting paraphernalia from the racks and place the antenna on the rack. Make sure the antenna doesn't touch the roof's metal, and use the included spacers if necessary. Secure the brackets tightly with a wrench.

Step 2

Connect the antenna cable and route it behind the hatch on a wagon, SUV or minivan into the passenger compartment. Route it through a rear doorway opening near the central pillar on a sedan. Don't use the window because you can damage the cable if you close the window tightly on the cable. Route the cable through to the receiver's position.

Step 3

Wire the receiver by connecting the included cables to the appropriate equipment. The "Audio Out" jacks send audio to the in-car entertainment head. "Video Out" goes to the television monitor, or monitors. Plug in the antenna cable you routed in the previous step, and connect the black power cable to the vehicle's ground, and the red power cable to the fuse block - which is already connected to the vehicle's battery. Route the cables securely by running them along interior door sills and surrounds.

Step 4

Install the batteries in the remote control, install any viewing card into the receiver and test the system. Status lights on the receiver will indicate that the system has locked onto a satellite.

Items you will need

  • Receiving kit with antenna and receiver
  • Viewing card
  • Wrenches
  • Screwdrivers
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