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Dish Network's Sling TV was one of the first to offer multiple cable channels in one spot online for one price:  a month. Image courtesy of Sling TV.TV plans, they are a-changing. Services that stream content over the Internet to mobile devices and televisions have forced the traditional TV industry to toy with the once-forbidden world of a la carte channels, remote access and (gasp!) lower prices.

Comcast’s Stream, which is set to come to Denver in early 2016 for $15 a month, targets cord-cutters who have abandoned cable or other pay TV services. Or cord-shavers who downsized TV plans as monthly bills crept up. It might even appeal to cord-nevers, who have never paid for TV.

The new world is a hodgepodge of content, but many aim for easy access and doing away with contracts and excessive fees. It has prodded traditional pay TV providers like Comcast and Dish Network to change — or face extinction.

For consumers, that means more options then ever. What’s the best plan for you? We can’t tell you that. But here are some legal ways for different types of customers to maximize TV by minimizing monthly bills.

What type of TV customer are you?

• I’m on a budget but want as much TV as I can afford
• No, seriously, I’m really on a budget
• I don’t watch TV but wouldn’t mind occasionally
• They raised my rate again? I’m canceling!
• I have multiple TVs and watch on all of them
• All I care about is the Broncos
• I must have that one channel (A la carte is sort of here.)

More tips:

Help us track the transformation of pay TV by sending us your bill. We are looking for DirecTV, Dish Network, CenturyLink and others. They will join the pay-TV bill slideshow. Please mark out all personal details. E-mail reporter Tamara Chuang at

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