Satellite TV Distribution

BRADGATE - Completed June 2012

Our global satellite coverage makes it ideal for us to seamlessly deliver digital TV content to your network around the world. Our highly reliable ground and satellite technology is optimised for media content, ensuring that content arrives at the right place, at the right time and at the right cost.

Whether you are a Cable, DTT or IPTV network operator, we transmit thousands of TV and radio channels that will expand your audience reach quickly and cost effectively. With HDTV growing and the rise of Ultra HD, our satellites have additional bandwidth that will enable you to add channels to your offering, increasing your reach.

You can rely on SES for:

  • High bandwidth for HDTV and Ultra HD channels
  • Capacity optimised for content distribution
  • Coverage across 99% of the global population
  • Established, secure and reliable infrastructure
  • Rapid implementation and controllable cost
  • Easily expandable services
Sobetter 4 Port Distribution HDTV Antenna Splitter Amplifier Signal Booster 7dB Gain Cable Satellite TV Splitter for Outdoor/Indoor TV Antenna - Black Splitter 1 to 4
Speakers (Sobetter INC.)
  • 4 ports with +7db per output, connect one HDTV antenna to 4 TV in each location for reliable reception.
  • This improves cable modem performance in much cases, compatible with all cable TV systems.
  • But the reception of tv antennas and length of coaxial cables might reduce your pixelation and graininess.
  • Connect the cable to input the signals and output to the TV/converter box with extremely low-noise (ELN) circuitry.
  • 1-year warranty when purchased from Sobetter inc. Distributor. Warranty not valid when purchased through other outlets.
PCT INTERNATIONALTM PCT PCT-MA2-8PN 8-Port Bi-Directional Cable TV, OTA, Satellite HDTV Amplifier Splitter Signal Booster with Passive Return and Coax Cable
  • 8 Ports with a +4dB boost per port, doubles your signal strength
  • Ultra small form factor for ease of installation in confined spaces
  • Reduces snow and prevents image pixelation with digital cable. Coaxial cable INCLUDED.
  • Compatible With All Standard And Digital Cable TV Services, OTA Antenna And Satellite Services (When Using With A Satellite Received, Amplifer MUST Be Used On The...
  • 5-year warranty when purchased from an Authorized Channel Master Distributor/Dealer. Warranty NOT Valid When Purchased Through Other Outlets.
AEW VHF/UHF/FM/HDTV Signal Distribution Amplifier Booster Antenna With Gain Control Switch 20dB KF-238 MIYAKO USA
Speakers (AEW)
  • VHF/UHF COLOR TV Signal Amplifier 20dB
  • INCLUDES: FM Trap, On/Off Indicator
  • One way Input, Two way Output. Input: 75 Ohm coaxial connector, Output: 75 Ohm coaxial connector
  • Power AC: 110 Volts
RG6 Quad Shield Coaxial Drop Cable 500' FT Solid Copper DIRECTV Approved 18 AWG In-Wall RG-6 18 Gauge 3 GHz Satellite Double Foil Video Signal Distribution Network Component, Bulk Roll
Speakers (DIRECTV)
  • Perfect Vision RG-6 Quad Shield, 500 ft bulk roll. Complies to SCTE-ISP-IP-001, 18 Gauge solid bare copper conductors.
  • Aluminum foil/34 Gauge, Aluminum braid shield.
  • For use in Home Network systems and satellite and video distribution.
  • 100% double foil shield. Quad shield minimizes both air interference and low level AC.
  • Designed for high quality transmission with minimal interference. Please Note: 500 FT Bulk Roll. Color may vary.
3x4 Satellite Multiswitch Amplifier Compensated Multi-Switch HMS-4APE Outdoor Off-Air UHF/VHF Direct Input LNBF DBS Digital Video Receiver Distribution Commercial Grade Signal Splitter
Speakers (DIRECTV)
  • Holland 4 way DBS amplified multi-switch. Allows up to 4 satellite receivers to be Connected when using a Dual LNB Dish
  • Also Allows UHF/VHF Antenna Signals to be Distributed to all 4 Satellite Receivers Using an Optional RCA Diplexer on the TV. 3in-4 out