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There are no pros when you can get it to work at all.


Doesn't work and doesn't tell you why.


I have a standard Vista 32 Bit install with an ATI 650 TV Wonder card. It doesn't work at all. Windows Media Center works fine with the ATI 650 Wonder card but not this program, When I attempt to run or set it up it just exits. I have the latest driver installed for the ATI dated: 11-17-09

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I've been using this software for the full 30 days now. I am going to pay the $20 for the Purchase Key so I can continue to use it. Well worth it!! I dont need time skip features, they just eat up your system resources anyways!!

It doesnt let you watch standard over the air broadcasts, Only the HD channels.

From installation it was asking me to set up the settings and couldn't get past that screen. Went into a loop... Uninstalled it immediately.

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Very quick and easy to install. Allows selecting which MPEG2 decoder to use. Works with NVidia's excellent PureVideo MPEG2 decoder.

Very simple and solid, not a lot of fluff.

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